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Bangladesh Online Newspapers and Media Industries Crossing the World Records

Bangladesh is small country but have large number of newspapers, TV, Magazine and online newspapers, News portal or Blog websites. The happy news that Bangladeshi online media now broke all the world records. There are more than 10,000 online media is sustain like a small country named Bangladesh.  Bangladeshi people also run online portal from several countries by the name of Bangladeshi Community newspapers online.

Probashi Bangladeshi people are established news media house in their own job country. They register their portal by following law and order of worldwide media registration law. USA, UK, Australia, Canada, KSA, UAE, Bahrain and Malaysia government has approved thousand of Bangladeshi online newspapers by their own law.

On the other hand Bangladeshi newspapers media reach the reputation of industry now. So government are now focusing the protect the journalist right and salary basic structure for their family needs.  So peoples are willing to come this sector. We are proudly allowanced that is always with online media owner and online media journalist. We always side behind the right for journalist protection of daily need, safely of life and job security.

Government of Bangladesh has make a role for running the online media, newspapers, online TV, online Radio or blog website property. It is very much important for people to know the roles named “Online Gonomaddom nitimala” If you violence this role your online property may be at risk. So we always make awareness about it. Please please and please follow the role and regulation of country government whatever you run your business anywhere in world. If you follow the roles of government then you will get reward and economical facility to run your business very well. 

We are talking about the online newspapers worldwide. We are ready to make an association for protection the online business and online journalist right. So firstly we extremely said that please follow the government law. Then make membership with our online newspapers association named “Business Leaders” If you feel you are the right person for make membership with us then you are ready to make you include with us for long time relationship. Actually business leader club is limited by hundred. That means we are listing top hundreds business all around the world. Then you categories all business around the world. For example IT, Developers, Products, Clothing etc, we announce the category based business 100 list every country every year by our web portal named

Now I want to conclude my speech because people do not ready very long blog. So this is high time to salute Bangladeshi entrepreneur specially media sector. They are protecting the right of journalist, giving salary every month and follow the government role to run and operate their news media. If this system continuously run we will able to make secure Bangles top position to publishing biggest amount of news portal more then all over the all countries over the globe. We are happy will be happy and keep happiness all-time.