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Professional Social Worker in Dhaka

Social-worker in Dhaka

Social Work in global aspect is highly recognized and famous profession. Bangladesh social work is a new and not widly used profession. Although their are only few professional social worker work in Bangladesh mostly in capital city Dhaka. 

Mr. Mohammad Shahadat Hossen is Bangladeshi famous social worker who is professionaly work in this sector. He got his professional degree in this field from University of Dhaka. The county leading university of Bangladesh. Institute of social welfare and research is the only social work institution in south Asia since 1958. Mr. Hossen got his Masters degree  MSS in Social Welfare from this Institute. 

Service of Social Worker: 

  1. Family and domestic violence
  2. Relationship breakdown
  3. Loss and bereavement
  4. Mental health and
  5. Addictions Prevention
  6. Professional  assessment  of offenders
  7. Counselling and support for difficult personal or family issues
  8. Old age support
  9. Child counselling

For more information please make an appointment:
Name: Mohammad Shahadat Hossen 
Cell: 01711352282